Culross Tract / Closed For Repairs

Gate clearance is 67 inches, ATV’s and Side by Sides Welcome


HSATV completed a walk-down of the Culross Tract trail system with Bruce County on Friday August 13 2021.  The trail requires some signage replacements/repairs and an opening trail report prior to opening.  The “limited” opening date is August 21 2021 @ 9am.

Limited, means for the remainder of the 2021 season, that the trail will be open but may close at some points to repair immediate trail deficiencies when Bruce County is able.  Rather than keeping the trail closed until the repairs have been performed, Bruce County has agreed to keeping the trails open as much as possible for the remainder of the 2021 season.  That being said, this trail or sections of this trail may close for repairs with little to no notice.  Please check Facebook or our webpage for updates before venturing out on this trail.

For those who rode this trail in the past, this trail may not be everything you remember.  Please take your time as the trail is not quite up to the standards that Bruce County and HSATV uphold.  Attached is the “as found” trail walkdown report with Bruce County detailing current trail conditions.  Keep these locations in mind and exercise caution on this trail.

Lastly, although there may appear to be other trails to try within this county forest, please stay on the mapped, marked trail as those trails have not passed county approval for use.  They may have hazards that could hurt you as the rider, or damage your machine.  Staying on mapped, marked trail will allow us to develop here in the future.  Let us develop safe, manageable trails here in the future.  We need your help in staying on the open trails only.

Thanks for your patience

Culross Tract- As Found Trail Report AUG 17 2021