South Kinloss Tract

This 300 Acre County forest is located at 956 South Kinloss Ave.

Gate clearance is 72 inches, ATV’s and Side by Sides Welcome

(Less than two blocks northeast of Lucknow). This forest was once used primarily for biking/hiking trails in the summer and a small portion of this forest was used in the winter by the OFSC. A number of years ago, a tornado hit this region closing the walking and hiking trails due to unsafe conditions. HSATV club volunteers worked to restore portions of the existing walking trail and created new trail through the forest under county direction. Approximately 300 hours was spent from volunteers cutting, clearing, and removing debris to make the trail passible. Next, HSATV hired contractors to complete the work in the forest. Brush trimming, excavating & bulldozer work was required to make the trail what it is today. Cool fun fact at this forest, the upright cedar posts used in the parking lot for the fencing were harvested from the forest while making the trail wider. Allowing resources within the forest to be utilized to shape its new look.(nothing goes to waste) Volunteers peeled cedar posts and those posts are installed at the parking lot today. This parking lot has plenty of room to drive your truck and trailer in full of your ATV’s and side by sides so bring a few buddies and have fun!

Currently, this trail is approximately 2.7km, and has some really nice, smooth, bush trail with some beautiful scenic views along the back ridge. There are tight and winding sections of trail to keep you on your toes and your ride interesting. We are always looking for club volunteers to help. If you think something like this interests you please reach out via our Contact Us page.