HSATV- Frequently Asked Questions 



  1. If I Buy a day permit online, how soon can I ride?
    Your Papyal receipt is your day pass, carry a copy on your phone or with
    you and way you go!
  2. When I am using the road connections, how can I find out where I can and
    can’t go?
    Follow the Green and white “Way Finder Arrows”. They are typically on
    hydro poles, and posts along the roadway at the corners. Do not follow
    blue and white as those are for OFSC trails in the winter.
  3. I have an EOTA permit or a permit from the SBPATV Club. Is it okay to use
    on HSATV Trails?
    Yes you may, a reminder that OFATV permits are not considered valid on
    the Huron Shores ATV Club Trail System. You will need an HSATV Permit to
    ride our trail system (EOTA).
  4. I have purchased a Huron Shores ATV Club Permit. Where else can I go
    other than Huron Shores ATV Club?
    Visit www.thetrail.ca for other affiliated clubs.
  5. How long does it take to run the Bruce County Rail Trail from the Huron
    Bruce Road to Baie Du Dore (Bruce Power)?
    HSATV recommends you allow for 3 hours one way (6 hours round trip non
    stop). Add time for lunch and rest breaks and you have a full day of riding!
  6. How long does it take to run from the Culross Tract (John Micheal Mcglynn
    Memorial Trail) to the rail trail via concession 2?
    Allow for approximately 35-40 minutes. This is pavement
  7. How long does it take to run from the South Kinloss Tract, down Paradise
    Lake Road/Walkers line/Route 1 to the rail trail?
    Allow for approximately an hour to get from the South Kinloss Tract to the
    rail trail. This is gravel roads, unassumed road allowances, and the least
    amount of pavement from the County Forests to the Rail Trail.
  8. Are side by sides allowed on HSATV trails? If so, what is the maximum
    HSTAV aims to keep all our trail system at 72” width clearance for side by
  9. I purchased a permit, but it didn’t ask me for my insurance information.
    When you click that you have read the disclaimer, you have read and
    acknowledged that you as a permit holder possess a valid driver license,
    insurance, and all necessary documentation to operate an ATV or a Side by
    Side on our trail system. You also acknowledge that your ATV meets the
    requirements of the off-road vehicle act, and other applicable regulations to
    operate on our trail system and road connections.
  10. Are permits sold per person or per machine?
    Per Machine. They are affixed to the machine it is registered to, and only
    the machine its registered to.